Rant on Mr. Zuck's Censorship of Student Media at Olathe Northwest

This is a summarized version of a Twitter rant I made, criticizing our school principal’s censorship. Sorry if some of it changes pretty drastically randomly, I compressed it.

KANSAS LAW: K.S.A. 72-7209(a). "The liberty of the press in student publications shall be protected....Material shall not be suppressed solely because it involves political or controversial subject matter." I hope we decide to play our story on ONW Now, but only if it meets journalistic standards. If Mr. Zuck takes it down, it'll be the second time he's done so. We've been awarded for a story pulled (for the same reason) by him in the past, so let's see how that goes. As much as I like Zuck personally, as an administrator the way he's been running this school is outrageous. (Not just in this case — I take issue with a lot of other things he's done.) So let's see how this goes! Counting on our team to deliver a good story.

"[Our goal is] emphasizing...empathy and respect...[and] help[ing] students understand...[what] the difference is between expressing an opinion...and making someone feel unsafe or unwelcome..."

— Mr. Zuck, in a 2017 interview for our other pulled story.

If what I've heard is true, your response to this situation is the opposite, Mr. Zuck. I may not have all the facts right now, so I'll hold off on saying too much there. What I will say is that illegally pulling another story won't go over well with us! Of course I completely stand by the GSA's right to practice what they believe in, and the other group's right to gather around what they believe in, but *if* the statue was intentionally "beheaded," this DOES fit on the same tier as the harrassment the GSA endured in 2017. If not, however, then there's no issue with telling the story and we can all go home! Since nobody seems to know the real story right now, there's a story there and we need to try to figure out what it is! We can't just let the biggest current story pass because of this. With all due respect, Mr. Zuck, we don't want you preventing us from doing our job, and nor does KS law. If the story doesn't meet our standards, it will be pre-pulled and not aired. If it gets past review, and you pull it, we'll fight it.