Aurora Community

Aurora was an online community that existed from late 2016 to October 2017, primarily owned and operated by YouTube creators Da532 and Red_Eye_Computing. The community was designed to be a general hang-out for its owners and members.

Aurora was one of the first brands I designed for, and was very well-received given such. The brand I designed took many cues from the previous design, such as retaining the “AR” in the logo and the blue-to-pink gradient (although I did change the specific shades slightly).

Aurora’s gradient and logo were inspired largely by the preceding brand, making the new brand familiar to members who had been part of it from early on, while continuing to convey the fun, “bubbly” feeling the community tried to foster by having bright colors and a lightweight logo mark.

Icon Color.jpg

The Logo

In the same fashion as the wordmark, the logo was designed to be extremely lightweight and simplistic, which helped promote it as somewhere that members could easily join just for fun, not having to worry about super strict rules and all-serious conversations.

Wordmark Color.png

The Wordmark

Aurora’s wordmark was set in a light-weight font, designed to give a fun, open, not-super-serious feeling to the brand. In this way, Aurora was able to be more successfully advertised as a fun community open to all potential members.